6 Kilograms in September

Long time readers of this blog will recall that 18 months ago I embarked on a challenge to both lose weight and change my life. At the end of that challenge I was pleased to report that I had dropped in weight to 106.1kgs. This morning I got on the scales for the first time in a while and was disappointed to see the numbers on the scale come up with 116.1kgs.

I say disappointed rather than surprised because I have noticed the return of some bad habits of late that I know has lead to an increase in my weight.

Rather than do what I would have done even 24 months ago and both wallow in my regression into bad habits whilst exacerbating the problem by eating more I have decided to focus on getting back to the key things that assisted me in losing the weight the last time around.

It is pretty simple really:

1. Fast food will, again, be jettisoned.
2. I will eat breakfast at home every day before I leave for work.
3. Exercise 4 times a week, either walking or running, will return to my weekly schedule whilst I will increase my frequency of golf rounds.
4. Soft drinks, diet or otherwise, are banned.
5. I will keep a food / drink / exercise journal to track progress.

So for the month of September I have set myself the target of losing 6 kilograms (or 1.5 kgs per week). I will not be starting a new blog to track this challenge: rather, from time to time I will report in here as to how I am going.

I concede that losing 6kgs will not get be back to where I was in July 2013 however it will be a positive move towards getting back to where I want to be whilst replacing bad habits with good ones.

Time to get stuck in!

Operation 100: the end or a new beginning?

Followers of this blog will likely know about my project over the last 6 months to decrease my weight to 100kgs. I have been charting the course of my weight loss journey at my other blog Operation100.com and posted the “final” post of this 6 month adventure there just now (http://operation100.com/2013/06/30/day-181-the-end-or-a-new-beginning/).


Today brings with it two things: a continuation of the goals of Operation 100 (given that I still have 6.1kgs to go) and a new challenge (training for a half marathon). If you are interested in how I go with this keep an eye on the Operation100.com website which I will be continuing to update with all things dietary and training.

Weight loss challenge? What weight loss challenge?

Hi all,

A personal note here: it struck me during an email discussion with one of the readers of this blog that it is highly like that if you follow this blog alone and not my twitter, tumblr or google + feeds that you may not be aware of my other blog operation100.com so I thought, in an act of shameless self promotion, I would write about it here.

Since 1 January I have been working towards loosing 28.3 kilograms and, as the name of my blog would suggest, the goal of reaching 100kgs (for the American followers out there that converts to roughly 60 pounds lost and a target of 220 pounds).

Here is the most recent update on the blog from my weigh in this morning: Day 148: Weigh in #operation100 | Operation 100

I would be delighted if you could jump over and have a look.



Just a short note to let you know I have kicked off a new blog to chart my progress on my quest to lose 28.3 kilograms and get my weight down to 100 kilograms.

The website is operation100.com and I would be delighted if you would take a moment to have a look at it over the coming months.

I am also committed to this blog and have decided that starting tomorrow I will be posting on this blog on, as a minimum, a weekly basis with the prospect of more posts during particular periods.

As always, thank you for honouring me with your readership and I would be delighted with any feedback you might have about this blog or operation100.com.