About me

Welcome to my blog.

I am as my twitter profile describes me: an accountant, a law nerd, an uncle and a sports nut.  The fact is that I love writing and I love talking about sport and life.

This is one of the outlets for me to do that.

For the record I follow these teams: Queensland Bulls, Queensland Reds, Canberra Raiders, Essendon Bombers, Liverpool FC, New York Jets, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Maple Leafs, Queensland Fire Birds, Southern Stags and GWK Griquas. On the national stage will always support Australian teams no matter the sport.

I am also writing a blog tracking my attempt to lose weight and improve my lifestyle.  Operation100.com is that blog.

Check out my photography site: photosbyshumpty77.com if you like good photos from around the world and around Australia as well as some randomness.

I also write about rugby for pinkrugby.com.

I hope you enjoy this stream of consciousness.  Feedback is always welcome. Email me on shumpty77@mail.com if you want to have a chat.

On social media, I can be found on twitter, tumblr and instagram (all @shumpty77) as well as on Google +.


5 responses

  1. Fellow Cubs fan, who is better positioned/more likely to achieve the following: Cubs winning World Series by 2017, or Australia regaining the Ashes by 2017?

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