Queensland Oaks Day: Tips

The winter carnival shifts across the road to Eagle Farm today for Queensland Oaks Day. Whilst I am not massively enamoured with the day, here are a couple of tips I do fancy.

Race 1: King Kamada Number 1

Race 3: Akzar Number 2

Race 6: Costa Viva Number 14 (each way)

Queensland Oaks (Race 7): Tinto Number 2 (each way)

I will also be having an omen bet: any time Moriarty goes around I have a wager on the horse: what can I say, I am a Sherlock Holmes fan!

As always:

1. Please gamble responsibly.
2. All care is taken in the making of these tips by no responsibility for any losses incurred.

Reds v Highlanders: Six thoughts from an epic encounter

The Queensland Reds defeated the Highlanders last night in a pulsating clash at Lang Park that ended with a Reds try after the siren after the Highlanders had launched a might comeback. I have been pondering this game much since leaving the ground and 6 key thoughts have continued to resonate so I thought I would share them:

1. Been a long time since I was so excited by a win: boy the Reds needed that!

I have been a member of the Reds for a long time and a fan even longer. The last time I hugged the bloke next to me in overjoyed celebration at the end of a Reds game was when the Reds bested the Crusaders to win the championship in 2011. That was until last night: the emotion in the crowd, let alone on the field, at the end of last night’s game was indicative of how much this victory really meant for the Reds. It has been a season of lament but this victory will be long remembered.

2. The emotion of the victory should not mask how bad this Reds season has been

There is a golf analogy that is apt: “there is always one shot that keeps you coming back no matter how bad you play”. This win by the Reds could well have the same effect: in the wash up of a terrible season this game could be remembered and, indeed, mask what has been some terrible rugby by the Reds in 2014. Not wanting to take the shine of a great night but there were still signs of how bad the Reds have been this year in last nights win: silly penalties and options still were prevalent as was some lacking defence under pressure.

3. Will that win save Richard Graham? Probably but it shouldn’t

I was listening to Tim Cox’s program on 612 ABC on the way to the ground last night and heard one of the panelists comment that Richard Graham’s job has to be safe because the Reds will not want to go back to the dark days of changing coaches every year after bad results. I concede that I agree with that concept, in theory, but I can not agree with it as a principal justification for keeping a non-performing coach. This win will help Graham’s cause as will avoidance of a hard decision by the QRU but all of the statistics point to a coach, in Graham, who is not up to Super Rugby. Take his whole record and the squads that he has had and that is the only available conclusion. He should go in my opinion but will not.

4. Why video ref? Why?

The usage of the video referee this season has been more prevalent and has been nothing short of a failure. Incorrect decisions, interminable delays and incongruent silence when assistance is actually needed have been hallmarks of the use of the TMO in 2014. Last night we saw, again, the use of the TMO in unnecessary, match delaying, situations and making wrong decisions. I am an ardent Reds fan but even through that lens the decision to disallow a Highlanders try for an alleged obstruction that occurred on the 50 metre line seemed like the wrong decision to me. No system is going to be perfect but one that does not delay the game and gets decisions write more often than not would be nice!

5. Will Genia: superstar!

It was Will Genia’s 100th game in a Reds cap last night and he provided the Reds faithful with probably his best performance in 2 years. I have been overt in my views about Genia’s form and probably watch him more closely than anyone else on the field at home games and I have to say last night’s effort was just a joy to watch. Take a bow sir!

6. Just kick a bl**dy field goal!!!!

Decision making has not been the strong suit of the Reds leadership of late and so, again, we saw what could best be described as garbled decision making almost cost the Reds the game. Can anyone cogently explain to me how a former test captain (Horwill) and current test vice captain (Genia) miss the obvious opportunity to attempt a field goal in the dying moments of the game. The play was set up under or around the posts for at least 10 phases before the final try was scored. Surely that made going for the field goal the better option? To me the win is more important than the glory and I would have had Harris and Lucas both in the pocket from about the 4th phase.

As I said in the preamble: this was an epic encounter. It was also a vital win for the Reds: not for their season but for their psyche. 2014 will still end as a season of much lament for Queensland players and fans but we will always have 30 May 2014.

The Mega Weekend Multi

Last week I had some success with a six leg multi.  I had not been posting my multi’s on here for a while because, frankly, people had not been reading the posts.  Nonetheless, inspired by last week, I have decided to have a crack at a 7 leg multi this week.  This multi will pay around $130 per dollar invested.

Leg 1: Crusaders to defeat the Western Force by 13 points or more in Super Rugby..

Leg 2: Collingwood to defeat St Kilda by 40 points or more in the AFL.

Leg 3: St Louis Cardinals to cover the line (-1.5 runs) against the San Francisco Giants in the MLB (Saturday morning game).

Leg 4: Toronto Blue Jays to cover the line (-1.5 runs) against the Kansas City Royals in the MLB (Saturday morning game).

Leg 5: Port Adelaide to defeat Melbourne by 40 points or more in the AFL.

Leg 6: Hurricanes to cover the line (-1.5 points) against the Blues in Super Rugby.

Leg 7: New Zealand Warriors to cover the line (-7.5 points) against the Newcastle Knights in the NRL.

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. All care is taken with the tips on this site however no responsiblity for losses is offered.