Shumpty’s Punt: English Soccer Multi

I have long been a follower of the round ball game but have not been super keen to tip a multi in the Premier League because I am not often a fan of a bet in which there are 3 available results when it comes to multi punting. That said, there are some odds this weekend on offer in the EPL that are just too good to resist so I am wading in with an investment. Here is my 4 leg English Premier League multi for this weekend:

Leg 1: Norwich to defeat Crystal Palace.

Leg 2: Draw between West Bromwich and Newcastle.

Leg 3: Manchester United to defeat Tottenham.

Leg 4: Liverpool to defeat Hull.

This multi should return around $26 for every dollar invested.

As always: please gamble responsibly!

Shumpty’s Punt: Saturday Sport

It has been a week of missing the multi bets by one leg. I have spent lot of time on the multi for this Saturday and am feeling supremely confident of getting this one over the line!

Leg 1: Oregon State to cover the line (+23.0 points) against Oregon in NCAA Football.

Leg 2: Miami Heat to cover the line (-5.5 points) against the Toronto Raptors in the NBA.

Leg 3: San Antonio Spurs to cover the line (-9.0 points) against the Orlando Magic in the NBA.

Leg 4: Toronto Maple Leafs to defeat the Buffalo Sabres in the NHL.

Leg 5: Central Florida to cover the line (-27.0 points) against South Florida in NCAA Football.

This multi should pay around $22 for each dollar invested. As always: please gamble responsibly!

Shumpty’s Punt: Saturday Specials

It has been an ordinary week for multis for Shumpty’s Punt punters. Apologies for that. Here are some horse racing tips though that I am very keen on for this Saturday of racing:


Race 4: Maluckyday (Number 1)
Race 6: She’s clean (Number 3)


Race 5: Words are Weapons (Number 9)
Race 7: Fillydelphia (Number 2)


Race 2: Girl in Flight (Number 2)
Race 5: Lady Harrods (Number 2)
Race 8: Freshwater Storm (Number 4)

As always: please gamble responsibly.

Things that I know now that I wish I knew when I was eighteen

Off the back of a particularly positive meeting earlier this week and much reflection on life and dealing with mental illness over recent weeks, I have been pondering those things that I could have done differently over the last couple of decades. Let be clear: I am very happy with my life at the moment, almost content, but I have come to the conclusion that my life would have been much easier if had have known during my teens, 20s and early 30s what I know now.

I make no criticism here of my parents, other relatives, partners and friends during those years: all of my failings are down to me and me alone.

In no particular order, here are the things I wish I had have known in the past that I know now:

There is no shame in asking for help

This is an easy and obvious one: I spent so many years being afraid to ask for help that the hole that I had gotten myself into mentally just continued to deepen and deepen until there was no metaphorical way out. I thought there was a stigma that would attach to sticking my hand up and asking for help and the attachment of that stigma to me scared me.

It is who you are that defines you, not what you do

I only ever wanted to be a lawyer, right from the first year of University, and I spent many years so focused on being a lawyer that I began to believe that being a lawyer was what defined me. I could not see a future without me being a lawyer which was just stupid. It sounds obvious but obviously it is who you are, and your values, that define you. It does not matter what you do for a crust.

Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength

I always said to people that I was not the most emotional of people. I did not think that showing emotion was the done thing and that I would be considered weak if I did. That had the flow on effect of me having quite deep emotional lows that also could manifest themselves in violent (emotionally) anger. I have cried more in the last 3 years than I had in the previous twenty and frankly I couldn’t be prouder about that. The “red mist” that once engulfed me from time to time has not returned in a long time and I am sure that, in part is because I now have learned to express my emotions.

The answer does not lie in the bottom of a bottle

I have been honest and direct in this blog and in person with people about my struggles with alcohol. This one is simple: I wish I did not spend so much time drinking to make myself feel good about myself. For a start I have learned that I do not need to drink to have a good time and I do not need to get drunk in response to a bad week at work or a bad mood.

Be patient with yourself, you are going to be wrong more than you are right

I am my own harshest critic and spent a long time during my career and my life beating myself up over my failings however small. I never really appreciated what I appreciate now which is that sometimes mistakes happen and it is how you react to those mistakes and attempt to remediate them that is most important rather than replaying the mistake over and over in your mind.

Life is too short is the commonly trotted out maxim when one looks back at the life they have lead and the mistakes they have made. I have an amendments to that maxim: life is only as short as you make it by your own actions. I am not perfect and I am never going to be perfect but I do intend to live every day I have left hopefully as free as I can be of the depression and self doubt that have plagued me for so long knowing what I now know. And that is all anyone can ask of themselves isn’t it?

Wallabies and the 2015 World Cup: Super 15 a prerequisite

Ewen McKenzie has been reported in the press today as saying that he will not consider any player who is not signed with a Super Rugby franchise for selection for the 2015 World Cup. This is absolutely the right decision from the coach and is to be lauded.

To quote the coach:

“You can’t have guys cherry picking their way through and grabbing all the trinkets along the way, you’ve actually got to make a commitment”


“We need people to invest in Australian rugby, so they’re around promoting the game, pressing the flesh, doing the coaching clinics, developing the game on and off the field:

Well said Link!!!!

This is, of course, different to the contracting position in South African rugby where players may take contracts outside of Super Rugby and still be selected for the Springboks. That said, there is a very key distinction between the state of the game in South Africa and Australia. In Australia, Rugby Union is running a distant 3rd as a winter sport to the NRL and AFL whereas in South Africa rugby union is the national game. The need for the stars of the game in Australia to commit to the game here and thereby invest in rugby in the fashion suggested by Ewen McKenzie has probably never been more important.

All of this means that players of the like of Digby Ioane, Berrick Barnes, James O’Conner and Drew Mitchell will all miss out on selection in the 2015 World Cup unless they are back in Super 15 colours by the start of the 2015 season. Ioane, of that quartet, is the only one that really presents as a prospect for the 2015 World Cup in my view and will have a decision as to whether he follows his wallet or his heart.

Rugby in this country has many disadvantages and does not need to reduce its image further by resorting to players who do not support the game and its development in this country no matter who good they might project to be in the team. For taking this stand the ARU and the coach are to be saluted. Now bring on this weekend’s test match and then, in February 2014, the start of Super 15 rugby!