Weight loss challenge? What weight loss challenge?

Hi all,

A personal note here: it struck me during an email discussion with one of the readers of this blog that it is highly like that if you follow this blog alone and not my twitter, tumblr or google + feeds that you may not be aware of my other blog operation100.com so I thought, in an act of shameless self promotion, I would write about it here.

Since 1 January I have been working towards loosing 28.3 kilograms and, as the name of my blog would suggest, the goal of reaching 100kgs (for the American followers out there that converts to roughly 60 pounds lost and a target of 220 pounds).

Here is the most recent update on the blog from my weigh in this morning: Day 148: Weigh in #operation100 | Operation 100

I would be delighted if you could jump over and have a look.


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