6 Kilograms in September

Long time readers of this blog will recall that 18 months ago I embarked on a challenge to both lose weight and change my life. At the end of that challenge I was pleased to report that I had dropped in weight to 106.1kgs. This morning I got on the scales for the first time in a while and was disappointed to see the numbers on the scale come up with 116.1kgs.

I say disappointed rather than surprised because I have noticed the return of some bad habits of late that I know has lead to an increase in my weight.

Rather than do what I would have done even 24 months ago and both wallow in my regression into bad habits whilst exacerbating the problem by eating more I have decided to focus on getting back to the key things that assisted me in losing the weight the last time around.

It is pretty simple really:

1. Fast food will, again, be jettisoned.
2. I will eat breakfast at home every day before I leave for work.
3. Exercise 4 times a week, either walking or running, will return to my weekly schedule whilst I will increase my frequency of golf rounds.
4. Soft drinks, diet or otherwise, are banned.
5. I will keep a food / drink / exercise journal to track progress.

So for the month of September I have set myself the target of losing 6 kilograms (or 1.5 kgs per week). I will not be starting a new blog to track this challenge: rather, from time to time I will report in here as to how I am going.

I concede that losing 6kgs will not get be back to where I was in July 2013 however it will be a positive move towards getting back to where I want to be whilst replacing bad habits with good ones.

Time to get stuck in!

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