Mojo … where art thou?

I have been fairly slack of late in posting here save for quotes of the day and betting tips.  I was pondering on my train to work this morning that fact and realized that I have lost my writing mojo.  Normally, when I do not post here for a while it is because I have just been too busy to commit the time to writing because I find I need to give myself time to construct the posts I put on here.  Whilst I have been busy in my new role and doing renovations, I have also found myself of late sitting in front of my computer screen / with the wordpress iPad app open and not having the words come.

I have no clue when my mojo is going to come back: I would love it to be soon but even as I write these words I am struggling for inspiration.  Maybe cricket season starting in the near future will help get the writing “juices” flow.  In any event: normal service shall resume at some point when the mojo returns!