The Weekend Wager: Sport’s Multi

This is a brilliant time of year for sport and this weekend I am feeling particularly confident about this multi:

Leg 1: Geelong Cats to defeat North Melbourne Kangaroos by less than 40 points in the AFL.

Leg 2: New Zealand to cover the line (-8.5 points) against South Africa in the Rugby Championship. 

Leg 3: North Queensland Cowboys to cover the line (-6.5 points) against the Brisbane Broncos in the NRL.

Leg 4: Tennessee Titans to cover the line (-3.5 points) against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.

Leg 5: Seattle Seahawks to cover the line (-5.5 points) against the San Diego Chargers in the NFL.

This multi should pay around the $28 mark.

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. Whilst all care is taken with tips on this site, no responsibility vests for losses incurred.


Weekend Multi: NFL, NRL, Rugby and AFL

This weekend is one of my favourite weekends of the sporting year: Week 1 of the NFL starts this weekend!  In honour of the NFL start I have included 3 NFL games in this weekend’s multi.

Leg 1: Hawthorn to defeat Geelong by less than 40 points in the AFL.

Leg 2: Sydney to defeat Fremantle by less than 40 points in the AFL.

Leg 3: New Zealand to cover the line (-27.5 points) against Argentina in the Rugby Championship.

Leg 4: Newcastle to cover the line (-4 points) against St George in the NRL.

Leg 5: New England Patriots to cover the line (-5 points) against the Miami Dolphins in the NFL.

Leg 6: Chicago Bears to cover the line (-7 points) against the Buffalo Bills in the NFL.

Leg 7: Kansas City Chiefs to cover the line (-3.5 points) against the Tennessee Titans in the NFL.

This multi will pay about $110 for each dollar invested.

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. All care is taken with tis on this site but no responsibility vests for losses incurred.

Shumpty’s Punt: Weekend Mega Multi

In recent weeks I have been flirting around with four and five leg multis and, to be honest, have been going woefully! Rather than be put off by my current ordinary run of form I have decided for this weekend to weighed in with an 8 leg multi starting this afternoon.

Leg 1: Southland to cover the line (-3 points) against North Harbour in the ITM Cup.

Leg 2: Bulldogs to defeat the West Tigers by 13 points or more in the NRL.

Leg 3: Collingwood to cover the line (-11.5 points) against Greater Western Sydney in the AFL.

Leg 4: South Sydney to defeat North Queensland in the NRL.

Leg 5: Chelsea to defeat Leicester City in the EPL.

Leg 6: Swansea City to defeat Burnley in the EPL.

Leg 7: Tottenham to defeat Queens Park Rangers in the EPL.

Leg 8: Fremantle to cover the line (-25.5 points) against the Brisbane Lions in the AFL.

This multi will pay close to $50 for every dollar invested.

Please note: This multi kicks off at just after 5pm TODAY so get on!

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. Whilst all care is taken with these tips no responsibility vests for losses incurred.

Ricky Stuart is fed up? Guess what Ricky: so are Canberra Raiders fans!!!

I have written fulsomely on this blog about the position of Ricky Stuart as coach of the Canberra Raiders.  In the aftermath of another appalling display be the Raiders yesterday Stuart made the following comments in his press conference: 

“Losing two Origin players put us in this rut,” Stuart said.

“We are in a position and they can jump into us and bag us for what it is.

“(But) until I get Origin players in, it’s not going to change and that’s my job. I’ve got to cut to the chase and be fair dinkum.

“Until we grow our own, our fans are going to have to stick solid. I’m getting sick of it and fed-up with give you one-line answers. “As much as it will sound like I’m making excuses, I’m telling it exactly how it is.”

Glossing over the obvious contradiction between Stuart’s alleged need to get Origin players in and the need for the Raiders to “grow our own”, I have to say that this statement from Stuart only goes to enhance my personal call for his removal from the club. 

Here are 3 reasons why: 

  1. Ricky Stuart is getting fed up with giving the press one line answers?  How about being fed up with the way the team is performing Ricky and actually having a plan to rectify the situation.  Week after week our proud jersey is on the field but the players filling it look bereft of direction and a game plan: that is the coaches job and Stuart is not doing it. 
  2. Josh Dugan was removed from the club on 14 March 2013 for numerous breaches of his contract the last which was encapsulated by his open defiance of the then coach.  Frankly, he was a cancer on the club.  Blake Ferguson was removed from the club on 6 September 2013 having been suspended since 17 June 2013 after being charged with indecent assault (a charge on which he was later found guilty).  Before their removal from the club Messrs Dugan and Ferguson had played a grand total of four State of Origin games between them.  Can anyone cogently argue that: a. these players are irreplaceable and b. the removal of such badly behaved players from the club culture was not a good thing? I certainly can not! 
  3. Stuart now seems to be suggesting that until he can attract State of Origin standard talent to the club the club is destined to have seasons like this.  I don’t know about you but if I was one of the plethora of players under contract to the club for 2015 I would be reading that comment this morning over my recovery breakfast and wondering “well what about me?”.  Clearly Stuart has no faith in the players he has to get the job done otherwise why would he state that he needs to attract Origin standard players to win? 

I appreciate Ricky asking me, as a Raiders fan, to “stick solid”.  Thank you for asking to do something that I have done since I was 8 years old and first followed the lime green.  

Now I ask Ricky Stuart to do something for the fans: leave.  I ask this because, by his own statements, he has no faith in our current crop of players and is blaming the current state of affairs on the dismissal of two of the worst behaved players in recent memory from the club.  This mindset is NOT what the Canberra Raiders need and for the good of the club Ricky Stuart can not remain in control. 

As the NRL thinks about the draft, remember 1991: is the risk worth the reward?

The CEO of the NRL has announced today his intention to introduce a player draft in the hope of “equalization” of the competition.  The lawyer in me is scratching his head: the NRL have been here before and had a draft process thrown out by the Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia.  This happened in 1991 and to me not much has changed.

For those who missed it: in Adamson v New South Wales Rugby League Ltd (1991) 31 FCR 242 it was held that the then NSWRL internal draft system was contrary to the common law position that parties should be free to trade as they wish.  As Justice Willcox put it in his judgment:

“How, in a free society, can anyone justify a regime which requires a player to submit … intensely personal decisions to determination by others?”

Of course I am aware that the AFL has a player draft and it plays under the same laws as those to which the NRL are bound.  It must be noted that in the AFL there is a collective bargaining agreement that binds the players which has been agreed between the AFL and the AFL Players Association which allows for the draft.  Effectively: the players have contracted out of their right to trade freely.  to be frank: on my reading of the law, if an AFL player was to challenge the draft in Court I would be astonished if it was not set aside.

Section 45 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 also deals with contracts, arrangements and understandings that restrict dealings or affect competition.  Absent the agreement of all parties involved to NOT trigger a claim under this provision I fail to see how a draft, which is effectively an arrangement that restrains a player from exercising his own choice as to whom he wishes to play for, does not fall foul of that provision.

A draft, to me, is contrary to the law of the land.  Given than the agreement of the stakeholder to amend the collective Bargaining Agreement and, in essence, agree not to challenge the draft would be necessary for the draft to be effective there would need to be very very good reasons for bring a draft in.

equalization of the competition is the reason given however could it ever be said that a draft program does definitely and measurably bring an equalization to a competition in which the draft is in place?

Consider this: the NFL, NBA and MLB all have draft programs.  Each of these competitions have been, and continue to be, dominated by the teams with the biggest wallet to spend on players. If the drafts in those competitions, which have been around for a very long, truly equalised the competition then, for example, there would not be 8 teams (of 30) in the MLB that have never won a World Series whilst one team, the New York Yankees, have won 40.  Similarly, in the NBA we have seen the Miami Heat buy a team to win and dominate the competition.  In the NFL: when was the last time a surprise team made the playoff?  There are 32 teams in the competition and yet the same teams every year seem to make the finals.

There is so much that can happen from the time a player is first contract until the time said player makes it to the top grade.  A draft of junior players will do nothing to change the fact in the NRL that clubs can negotiate with players at any time during the season and players can seemingly break contracts at will.  There is much to be fixed to assist in equalising the NRL competition but to me instituting a draft is not one of them.  Legally it is the wrong move and it will not, on the evidence of the other codes that have a draft, change the fact that some teams will dominate whilst others will struggle.

All of this, to me, makes it one big waste of money to even be considering this process: money that could be better spent on the development of the game elsewhere.

The Weekend Multi: Sport, sport and more sport!

Despite there being no Super Rugby to watch this weekend it goes without saying that there remains a plethora of sport for us to watch this weekend.  I think there is some value in this multi coming from this weekend’s fixtures:

Leg 1: Essendon to defeat Richmond by less than 40 points in the AFL.

Leg 2: Melbourne to defeat Newcastle by greater than 13 points in the NRL.

Leg 3: North Queensland to defeat West Tigers by greater than 13 points in the NRL.

Leg 4: Geelong to defeat Freemantle by less than 40 points in the AFL.

This multi will pay around the $14.50 mark.

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. All care is taken with these tips but no responsibility vests for loses incurred.