Shumpty’s Punt: Weekend Mega Multi

In recent weeks I have been flirting around with four and five leg multis and, to be honest, have been going woefully! Rather than be put off by my current ordinary run of form I have decided for this weekend to weighed in with an 8 leg multi starting this afternoon.

Leg 1: Southland to cover the line (-3 points) against North Harbour in the ITM Cup.

Leg 2: Bulldogs to defeat the West Tigers by 13 points or more in the NRL.

Leg 3: Collingwood to cover the line (-11.5 points) against Greater Western Sydney in the AFL.

Leg 4: South Sydney to defeat North Queensland in the NRL.

Leg 5: Chelsea to defeat Leicester City in the EPL.

Leg 6: Swansea City to defeat Burnley in the EPL.

Leg 7: Tottenham to defeat Queens Park Rangers in the EPL.

Leg 8: Fremantle to cover the line (-25.5 points) against the Brisbane Lions in the AFL.

This multi will pay close to $50 for every dollar invested.

Please note: This multi kicks off at just after 5pm TODAY so get on!

As always:

  1. Please gamble responsibly.
  2. Whilst all care is taken with these tips no responsibility vests for losses incurred.

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