Keperra Golf Club: 3rd 9 Review

After a lengthy lay off from the course, I have started to play golf again at my local course: Keperra Golf Club.

On the weekend I played what is known as the courses “3rd 9”. To say I was impressed with these 9 holes would be an understatement. Here is my review of the 3rd 9 at Keperra.

Course condition: The course is just in a fantastic state and the holes on the 3rd 9 are no different. Often, I have found, the “extra” holes on a golf course are often neglected in favour of the “prime” holes but this was not the case at Keperra. The greens are true, the fairways well tendered and the tee boxes well maintained.

Layout: The 3rd 9, it has to be said, is a very tight and short 9 holes. There is no hole on which you will need your driver, assuming you hit your driver consistently more than 220 metres. Most holes have doglegs and require a well placed drive to ensure you are in a position to score. The bulk of the greens are long and well guarded by bunkers.

Pace of play: I have to say that playing this 9 on pennants day at the course on a Sunday might not have given the best account of the likely pace of play. That said, because the layout is so tight and the bulk of the par 4s are less than 320 metres long, albeit with sharp doglegs, naturally you are going to have some delays on the course.

Cost: 9 holes cost $25 on a Sunday. That is pretty good for such a quality golf course.

Best Hole: The only par 5 on this 9 is the 437 metre 5th hole. I know that sounds short but with a dog leg that cuts left at about 210 metres this is a great 3 shot par 5 that will test how your golf course management. The green is well protected buy a creek and trees so the second shot, which I can not see anyway for it be less than 230 metres, is a massive risk proposition. I played it this way: 5 wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge. This hole is a snapshot of the whole 9: you have to think and manage your way around.

All in all I thought the 3rd 9 at Keperra was excellent. In fact I am tempted to rate it as a better experience than the 1st 9. Simply put: if you are in Brisbane and are looking for a challenge, head out to Keperra and give the 3rd 9 a go.

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