Golf: Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Irons review

Anyone who follows my twitter feed will know that I purchased a set of Nike VRS Covert 2.0 irons last weekend. I took delivery of them on Thursday and hit them on the range for the first time today.

For the uninitiated: I am a 20ish handicap golfer who has been playing with the same irons since I turned 16. As I am 36 this year, that means I have been hitting the same irons for 20 years.

Technology has changed a lot in that time and, on top of getting my clubs properly fitted, that fact alone meant I have been looking forward to getting my new kit in my hands.

Now I know I have not taken them out on course yet but here are some immediate impressions from the 160 balls I hit today:

1. The clubs look and feel great. The head of the club is not massive in the style of the irons of the last couple of year.

2. Of the 160 balls I hit, I hit about 140 of the straight. The 20 I mishit were the fault of myself and not the clubs. They were bad swings and bad set ups by me. When I put even a half decent swing on the ball it absolutely flew.

3. I have always been a high ball hitter but the ball flight on these irons is just astonishing. From 4 iron through to sand wedge the ball zings of the club and just keeps climbing.

4. I have hit balls at the Victoria Park Driving range and whilst I don’t have a clear view of the distance I was hitting I do know that I was hitting clubs about 10 to 15 metres longer across the board than previous shots hit at this range.

All in all I couldn’t be happier with the irons I have purchased. Now I just have to take them out on the course!

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