My name’s Stephen and I have a confession …

The World Cup is about to start in Brazil and most people seem to be agog at the thought.  Frankly though, and this is my confession, I am completely nonplussed by it.  That is strange because, as a kid, the only sport I played more than soccer (I will never call it football) was cricket but I just can not seem to get excited by this tournament.

If I am honest I can glean a couple of reasons for this:

  • Whilst I enjoyed playing soccer it has never been a game that I enjoyed watching on TV or even live.
  • I concede that there are some supreme athletes who play the game but I have found, over the years, the litany of diving and histrionics on the pitch distasteful.
  • Will there ever be a World Cup tournament, the awarding of which, is not stained by the overt corruption of the Blatter regime at FIFA.

So whilst the bulk of people will be getting up in the early hours to watch games between the Ivory Coast and Hondurus I will remain in the land of nod with my social media accounts muted apropos the World Cup.

Fans of the World Cup: enjoy the tournament and can someone let me know when it is over?

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