Golf Course Review: St Lucia Golf Links

Once again I found myself at this gem of a golf course some 3 kms from the CBD this morning for close to my 30th round of golf there. If you are in Brisbane and, particularly, around the western suburbs and are keen for a round of golf on a public course then St Lucia is the place for you.

Every golf course has its strengths and weaknesses so here are some thoughts on the course if you are weighing up a hit there.


1. The course is in excellent shape and is well looked after. I have read many reviews that bag it on occasion for having the greens cored but when the greens have been maintained which is most of the year they are very true and easy to read.

2. The course does not require you to hit a 270 metre drive off every par 4 hole to be in play. Indeed golfers who hit their 3 wood anything over 190 metres will not need to put the driver in the bag here.

3. It is a forgiving layout and if you are tight with your golf balls you have very limited opportunities to lose them at this place.


1. It is a public course and that has with it a lowering of standards when it comes to course etiquette. If that is likely to irritate you do not play there. It is as simple as that.

2. There is a course marshal on weekends but he never seems to find his way past the 10th hole. Many an occasion groups I have been with have been held up on the 14th through 17th holes by slow play.

3. Only one par 5: big hitters will not like the course all that much because it only has one par 5 in the layout and it is reachable in two if you get your drive in play.

4. The Hundred Acre Bar which is the only place to get a feed is more interested in catering to non golfers and lycra wearers than those on the course. See my review here:

Signature hole:

The par 4 14th is the signature hole on the course. At 371 metres it is a the longest part 4 on the course and with a creek running through it at 228 metres that is 241 metres to carry. 13 years ago I hit one over the creek but a bigger fence and the trees having grown makes that prospect next to impossible. A hybrid off the tee and then again for the second shot make this a difficult proposition.

Other stuff:

Par: 69
Distance: 5405 metres
Cost: Reasonable given its closeness to the city
Pro Shop: is part of the Golf World chain and is one of the nest stocked in the city.

Final Word:

A round at St Lucia is a must for any golfer in Brisbane in my opinion. It is cheap enough and close to town to be easy to get on. The course is forgiving for the genuine 27 handicapper but challenging enough for someone in single figures to enjoy.

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