Shumpty on Tour: Day 3 … The Great Ocean Road

What an enjoyable day yesterday was: I finally got to drive the Great Ocean Rd. After picking up the hire car and some hijinks getting on the Princes Highway, the only drama for the whole day was the persistent rain that made the road just a bit slick.

My father had said to me that the Great Ocean Rd was a fun drive, in the dry, but in sometimes heavy rain it was an experience to behold. I know I missed some pretty excellent scenery along the way but I was enjoying the twists and turns of the road!

Along the way I stopped at various spots for food and water and sometimes just to walk around. The Chicken Parmiagana at the Apollo Bay hotel is a must for travellers along the road as is grabbing a coffee and a bowl of soup at Kobo in Torquay before you kick off.

I didn’t get out at a number of the “monuments” like the 12 Apostles on this trip: the goal for the day was to drive the road and that was accomplished. Today (day 4 on tour) I will head back and look at all of them. One place I did stop, despite the rain, was the iconic Bells Beach. Check out my photo from there published here:

All in all it was an epic trip down the Great Ocean Road. I implore any Australians who have not done it to do it and any tourists coming to this country to detour from Queensland for a week and do it for it surely is up there with the great drives of the world.