Well played Sean Abbott!

Just checked in on the score in the game between my beloved Queensland Bulls and the New South Wales Blues at the SCG. The Bulls got destroyed by the Blues but I have to say I sit here with a smile on my face.
 The reason why is simple … these bowling figures:
 Sean Abbott 7-3-14-6
 I wrote earlier in the week that the best cricket news of 2014 was the fact that Sean Abbott was playing in this game and that piece of news is still the best. It must be said though that today’s performance from this impressive young man nearly trumps it.
 Well played Sean Abbott!!!
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The best cricket news of 2014

It has been reported today that Sean Abbott is back bowling again and has been named in the New South Wales team to play Queensland in the Sheffield Shield game kicking off tomorrow.  To me, in the aftermath of Phil Hughes’ passing, this is the best cricket news I have heard this year.  It would have been very simple for Sean Abbott to not play this game but the fact that he is is heartening and a first step in what will, no doubt, be a long process of dealing with Phil Hughes’ passing.

I hope New South Wales win the toss and bowl first and hand the new ball to Abbott to help him get straight into the game and go some way to get through the inevitable nerves he is going to have.

Regardless of how he plays and how he bowls, I say already “Well Played young man!” because all that matters is that he is  playing.

Bring on Tuesday!