Shumpty’s Punt: Friday Best Bet

The San Antonio Spurs come off their double overtime win against the Washington Wizards with a game against the injury beset Brooklyn Nets.  The Spurs are not without their injury problems with “big guns” Parker and Duncan not playing this game.

The Spurs lead the Southwest Division and have won 21 of the last 22 games between these two teams. I simply can not believe the odds that have been posted for the Spurs in this game: $2.95 for the win and gaining the benefit of a line of +6 points.

Conversely, the Nets have again this season failed to reached the potential that they patently have based on their list.  They do have some players returning from injury in this fixture but still have a large question mark over their form against teams in the top echolon of the competition.

I am going to stick with the Spurs for the second day in the row here and, again, do not believe that this will be a blow out.

Best Bet: San Antonio Spurs to defeat the Brooklyn Nets by less than 10.5 points in the NBL.

Payout: $4.35 (per

As always: good luck and good punting.

Shumpty’s Punt: Thursday Best Bet

Today’s best bet again comes from the NBA.  I am a massive fan of the Washington Wizards and am rapt that they are over .500 at the moment.  Unfortunately, I just don’t think they will win today against the San Antonio Spurs.  It will be a close game and thus, whilst I am expecting the Spurs to win I do not think this will be a blow out.

Best Bet: San Antonio Spurs to defeat the Washington Wizards by a margin of less than 10.5 points.

Payout: $2.75

As always, good luck and good punting.