ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air: Review

I rarely, if ever, review products aside from products that I really really like.  I use my iPad Air a lot for work, particularly taking notes in interviews.  I have tried a large number of iPad keyboard cases in the past but I have found none better than the ZAGGkeys Folio for iPad Air.  So I thought I would add my review to the multiple reviews out there.

The Keyboard

This is the best keyboard in a iPad case I have used.  It is well set out and the keys are well enough spaced to be comfortable for someone with large hands, like me, to use.  The functionality keys at the top of the keyboard are well thought out and easy to use.  The keyboard is also backlit as needed which is a great option if you are typing in an area of low light.

The Case

I have recently gone through three (yes 3) Logitech Cloth Keyboard cases and they have all cracked in the same spot (around the on off button at the top of the iPad).  This case however looks and feels sturdier than any case I have used.  I like the fact that the iPad fully enclosed by the case.  The case is lighter than I expected and, frankly, the iPad has already been mistaken at least 4 times for a small laptop.


It is simple: if you want to use your iPad for writing, for work or for social media then get this case.  If you are gamer or iPad photography enthusiast: this is NOT the iPad case for you.  For me: it is just perfect for my requirements.