Karmichael Hunt pleads guilty … where to from here?

I have been blown away by the breaking news from the Southport Magistrates Court this morning the the Queensland Reds “star” recruit has pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of cocaine.  To say I am gobsmacked at the early plea would be an understatement albeit, since news of the charges broke, I confess I expected this to be ultimate result. 

Hunt has been stood down from playing duties since he was charged.  Whilst there has been no indication as to the position with respect to his contract in this scenario from the Queensland Reds it is difficult to see how he can remain with the team.  

I have heard all of the arguments that the conduct of these players in taking recreational drugs is just an indicia of a broader problem in society and I agree that it is.  That being the case though, Hunt ought be dealt with by his employer in the same way any other employer would deal with an employee found guilty of multiple serious offenses under the criminal code.  His employment contract will have in it a provision that deals with employee misconduct and that provision should be followed to the letter.  

If that means Hunt’s contract is summarily terminated then so be it.  To me, that has to be the right decision for the good of the club and its fans.