Cricket: An early contender for best cricket quote of 2014?

Here is a quote this morning from Dale Steyn, reproduced from an article on, talking about fast bowling:

“I’ve got to be in that state of mind to be able to produce spells like that. If I was running in thinking of cuddly bears, I would be dishing out half volleys and hamburgers for guys to smash,” he said. “I’ve got to get myself into a fight – not necessarily go down and abuse the batsmen on the other end but I’ve got to get my body ready for a fight.”

Great quote and a great insight into what makes the best in the world at his craft, and no doubt a few of his fellow members of the Fast Bowlers Cartel, tick.

Cricket: Another day, another injured Australian fast bowler

Jackson Bird is flying home early from England having suffered, seemingly, a back injury whilst bowling in the 4th test at Chester-le-Street. He is the second bowler to go home from the tour after James Pattinson also withdrew from the series after being diagnosed with a stress fracture in the back.

I have said this before: fast bowlers getting injured is a natural part of the game. They run 20 metres at a fair pace and then hurl a piece of leather as fast as they can in a ridiculously unnatural motion.

That said: I hope those at Cricket Australia Towers are looking at the preparation and preparedness of Australia’s young fast bowlers for top line cricket because it seems like every time one is asked to bowl a long spell he gets injured.