Shumpty on Tour: Days 1 and 2 … Melbourne

What a pleasure it has been to have a couple of a days in Melbourne before hitting the Great Ocean Road. Rather than do a usual travel blog for these two days I thought I would just do a “good, bad and ugly” for my time in Melbourne. After all, there are tons of travel guides for this place.


Hare and Grace Restaurant: The venue for dinner last night was my favourite restaurant in Melbourne and yet again it did not disappoint with the food being absolutely spot on and service exceptional. Only criticism is that it is a bit pricey.

Coffee: I confess that I had forgotten how good the coffee is in Melbourne. I haven’t had a bad cup yet and my favourite place so far is the Barbershop in Chapel Street.


The Weather: Pretty simple really this one as it has rained for most of the time I have been here. Indeed I have been told that this week will be the coldest week in November in Melbourne in 20 years. Enough said really.


Cab drivers: I tweeted last night about one experience with the cab drivers of Melbourne that is led to me issuing a formal complaint over overcharging. Frankly though I have not had a pleasant one yet and in the most part the cabs I have taken in Melbourne have been driven by surly gentlemen who think wet weather driving means you should drive quickly and change lanes erratically. Next time I will hire a car the whole trip.

All in all it has been a great two days in Melbourne but now the Great Ocean Road beckons. Next blog will be from Warrnambool.

Shumpty Eats: Delicatezza

It is another lazy Saturday at Shumpty Towers and that means trying out another eating establishment. Delicatezza is located in Blackwood Street, Mitchelton and is a cafe and delicatessen all rolled into one. I had been to it before for breakfast and had purchased some cured meats from the deli part but had never eaten lunch there.

The lunch menu is eclectic with a mix of toasted sandwiches, a ploughman’s lunch, waygu salad and pate all featuring today. One item that caught my eye was the potato and onion tortilla with goats chess and a rocket salad. As a lover of cheese and onion sandwiches and not being particularly hungry that is what I went for.

First though I must comment on my beverage for today: Delicatezza is in the small minority of places these days at which it is not possible to get a mass produced soft drink (by this I mean a coke or pepsi). They simply do not sell them either from a post mix or in the can. That being the case I went for an iced coffee. It was top notch: plenty of ice cream coupled with a double shot of coffee and chocolate strands. It went down a treat.

The tortilla was as expected without being spectacular. Put another way, every time I have eaten at Delicatezza I have had a good meal: I did again today but I would have to say I would not be ordering the tortilla again. The tortilla itself was nice whilst being a little dry; to be honest, it could have done with some sauce. Equally I would have been happy to was it down with a coke zero which would have removed some of the dryness. The rocket was fresh and had a bite to it but there were only three pieces of goats cheese which left the salad feeling somewhat unbalanced.

All in all, Delicatezza is a great place for a coffee and there is a heap of items on the menu I would be delighted to check out. Ultimately thought I think it is more of a breakfast venue for me. Of course I could not leave without buying some of their pickled onions, chilli paste, feta and proscuitto. Can’t wait to test them out tomorrow.

If you are in Mitchelton and are looking for a coffee, Delicatezza is the place to go.