The Bearded Man: Great Bearded Blokes #1 … Frederick Douglass

There can be no list of great bearded blokes, in my opinion, that is not headed by Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass Great Bearded Bloke #1

Frederick Douglass
Great Bearded Bloke #1

Here is a synopsis of the life of Frederick Douglass:

  • After being born into slavery, Douglass endured, in a not uncommon story, many beatings and squalid conditions his whole childhood and adolescence only to escape as a 20 year old.
  • A skilled orator, Douglass was a forceful advocate for the abolition of slavery and spoke often his life as a slave despite often being accosted by pro-slavery groups including being beaten by a mob after a speech in Indiana.
  • He was an early proponent of women’s rights, particularly women’s suffrage.
  • Douglass was an early advocate for the desegregation of schools in the United States in the 1860s, some 100 years before that view became the law of the United States after the US Supreme Court case of Brown v Board of Education.
  • At the 1888 Republican National Convention, Douglass was the first African American to receive a vote for the Presidency of the United States in a major party’s electoral roll call.

It is impossible to comprehend the times that Douglass lived in and the prejudice he had to endure.  It is also impossible to comprehend the courage and determination it must have taken for him to advocate the way he did for the rights of slaves, women and generally against racism.

As far as I am concerned Frederick Douglass is the greatest of the bearded blokes there has been.

The Bearded Man: Great Bearded Blokes #2 … Greg Humphreys

You will not know him but my #2 great bearded bloke is my Uncle Greg.  My Dad’s brother, Uncle Greg is just one of the best blokes you would ever be likely to meet.  He is a committed family man, a hard worker, loves a rum and coke and is a proponent of the expletive “Crikeys” as the strongest swear word he uses.

I just love the bloke and I love the relationship he has with my father.  They have become more and more close over the years and, even now, I love nothing more than sitting next to them and listen to them talk about life.

It is a personal choice and this is my personal list and my Uncle Greg is, simple, a great bearded bloke!

The Bearded Man: Great Bearded Blokes #3 … Allan Border

Allan Border, the captain of the Australian cricket team during its darkest days and the architect of Australia’s recent decades of success spent much of his career bearded.

Allan Border Great Bearded Bloke #3

Allan Border
Great Bearded Bloke #3

He is one of my great bearded blokes because of the way he transformed Australian cricket and, at the same time, showed that he was prepared to do anything he could for the betterment of himself and his time regardless of the potential cost.  Ruthless, focused and intense, Border is the epitome of a character dedicated to being the best and that makes him a great bearded bloke.

The Bearded Man: Great Bearded Bloke #4 … Zach Galifianakis

Has there been a more dominant entertainer with a beard in the last decade that Zach Galifianakis?

Zach Galifianakis Great Bearded Bloke #4

Zach Galifianakis
Great Bearded Bloke #4


First recognised on our screens as Alan from the Hangover franchise of movies, his comedy is oft acidic as well as being a pointedly satirical of world events.

What ranks Zach Galifianakis in the realm of Great Bearded Blokes (and ranking at number 4) to me are:

  • His seemingly open disdain for all of the trappings of stardom.
  • His passionate advocacy for causes close to him without concern for the impact of that advocacy on his career.
  • That fact that he is riotously funny.

The Bearded Man: Great Bearded Bloke #5 … Peter Griffin

I am a massive fan of the show Family Guy and there has been no episode of the show that I have enjoyed more than the episode “Brian Wallows and Peter’s Swallows”.

In that episode, importantly for this exercise, family patriarch, Peter Griffin grows a beard as evidenced by this photo:

Peter Griffin's Beard

Peter Griffin’s Beard

Of course Peter only has a beard for one episode but Peter Griffin qualifies for my top 5 great bearded blokes because, despite being a comedic cartoon character he often displays traits that make him a quintessential good bloke such as:

  1. His love for his family and preparedness to work in a dead end, blue collar job to keep them in their home and food on the table.
  2. He is an ideas man: who could forget the “Hindenpeter” or the episode he decided to deal with an FCC ban on certain TV shows by creating his own TV network.
  3. He is extremely loyal and would do anything to help his friends.

Peter Griffin is worthy member of my list of 5 great bearded blokes.  I just wish the writers of Family Guy would bring back his beard permanently!



The Bearded Man: Don’t be a sheep be a shepherd!

I have written here before about my beard and my guide to having a beard (  I was asked the other day by someone who had known me long the following question: 

So what is the story with the beard: are you just another hipster trying to look cool?

Now obviously this uninformed person does not read this blog nor do they know me well because never in all of my 36 years could I have ever been considered to be a hipster nor do I really know what a hipster is.  

That question though did spark a conversation about the seeming current popularity in men, indeed even in male models, to having a beard.  I had cause to joke during that discussion about the fact that, in my own view (sarcastically expressed), I actually had a beard before the current crop of hipsters and, in fact, I may well be responsible for “bringing it back” (sarcasm again intended). 

As I trimmed my beard this morning I again had cause to ponder the art of “beardage” and the fact that, as with most things in life, growing a beard should be a matter of personal choice and not something done just because it is, all of a sudden, popular to have one. 

More to the point: if you want to have a beard, whether it be a trimmed effort or a full blown Ned Kelly type, grow one.  Just don’t be a sheep and do it to be “cool”.  

I, for one, can not see myself shaving off my beard … ever! That will inevitably mean that during my life I will go through a number of periods of beard unpopularity and then renewed popularity and I will, no doubt, be again asked the question quoted above and, no doubt, I will again answer sarcastically that I am responsible for “bringing the beard back (again)”.