Am I a disengaged fan of the Queensland Reds? You bet I am … but I am still a fan

Yesterday I received a Direct Message on twitter from the Queensland Red’s twitter account that read as follows:

“Hi Steven, we’re concerned that you’re feeling disengaged as a fan and we’d like to know how we can improve the situation?

My reply (along with the original DM) is set out in the two photos below:


I concede that my answer did not really answer the question put to me. I set out what had led me to become disengaged without answering what would improve my level of engagement. The fact is that there is nothing that Queensland Reds could say to me that would be likely to reinvigorate my engagement levels given the breadth of my whinges.
Regardless though of my level of disengagement with the team, I will continue to:
  1. Go to Reds games.
  2. Celebrate Reds victories.
  3. Commiserate Reds losses.
  4. Where appropriate, criticise all that I believe to be wrong with the team.
That is, after all, what being a fan of a sporting team is all about isn’t it? Whether I am engaged or not I remain a fan.


A final point: if sending me the message above was a strategy to engage me by the Queensland Reds it represents a spectatular failure because as I post this blog, some 24 hours after my reply to the Red’s message I still do not have a reply. Spelling my name wrong was bad enough but attempting to engage me without actually engaging is just another brick in the wall of my disengagement.



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