Parma #2: Albion Hotel

Here is this week’s review over at Brisbane’s Best Parma, my new project for 2015. Feedback, comments and chatter are all welcome over on the site

Brisbane's Best Parma

The Verdict: The Chicken Parmigiana at the Albion Hotel is another middle range parma that is good for a sneaky mid week feed but hardly one you would be demanding your friends come out with you to share. The high quality of the chicken breast and the chips was militated against by the misshapen way the parmigiana had been put together, the small and wafer thin ham and the insipid salad.

 The Summary:

Pretty goodOK but not evenly spreadJockey sized (small & thin)The ham’s best mate½ is not good

The Review:

This week’s chicken parmigiana was imbibed at the Albion Hotel in the inner Brisbane suburb of Albion (funnily enough). I had originally intended to try this parma out on Wednesday night but a cursory examination of our fridge at home revealed that we would be eating air for dinner…

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