Cricket: when did a test match draw become such a bad thing?

I have gotten more and more frustrated this morning as commentators and fans alike have discussed over and over again when Australia will declare today and, as the morning as worn on, why Steve Smith has not declared.
 Has everyone forgotten there is a result in a test match called a draw?
 Situationally has everyone missed the fact that Australia leads the series 2-0 and wins the series with a draw?
 Some of the best test matches I have seen and read about have ended in draws yet the current generation of commentators and fans seem to have forgotten the draw as even a result.
 To me a good result today for Australia is to make sure that India don’t win. It is as simple as that. A win is a bonus and a great result but making sure India don’t win is the more important thing.
 Or maybe the game has changed that much we should just remove the draw as an available result?
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