Australia v India, 2nd Test: Warne on Starc … 100% correct

I just had the chance to read Shane Warne’s comments regarding Mitchell Starc’s bowling in this test. If you missed it the comments are best summarised by this quote:
 “His body language has to be tougher. He just looks a bit nonchalant. A bit hunched shoulders. He just looks a bit soft.”
 I rarely agree with Warne but I have to agree with him here. 0/17 off 3 overs from your first change fast bowler on the first day of a Gabba test match is just not good enough but is strangely cognisant with what we oft see from Starc in white clothes at this level.
 I agree with the decision to drop Siddle: it had to happen. I was unsure about Starc as a replacement given his performances of the past. I hope that he can bounce back in the second session today otherwise Australia will be effectively one bowler down.
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