Saturday Sports Multi

Here is the this Saturday’s sports multi:

Leg 1: Pittsburgh Penguins to cover the line (-1.5 goals) against the Calgary Flames in the NHL.

Leg 2: Montreal Canadiens to defeat the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL.

Leg 3: Detroit Red Wings to cover the line (-1.5 goals) against the Florida Panthers in the NHL.

Leg 4: Toronto Raptors to cover the line (-9 points) against the Indiana Pacers in the NBA.

Leg 5: Memphis Grizzlies to defeat the Charlotte Hornets by greater than 10 points.

Payout: This multi will pay a touch over $45 for each dollar invested.

As always:

1. Please gamble responsibly.
2. Whilst all care is taken with the tips on this site, no responsibility vests for any losses incurred.

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