Where is the best chicken parmigiana in Brisbane?

Something new for 2015: who makes Brisbane’s best chicken parmigiana?

Brisbane's Best Parma

As I sat eating my chicken parmigiana tonight it was suggested to me that, given that I eat chicken parmigiana just about every time I eat at a pub or a club, I should write about my favourite meal and try to find the best one in Australia.  Australia is a big area so I have decided to find the best chicken parmigiana in Brisbane.

I am sure others have undertaken this quest before me but this is a personal journey for me and the outcomes of it will be, ultimately, my own opinions.

Of course this quest of mine to find Brisbane’s best parma could be never ending so I have decided to limit my quest to the calendar year 2015.  I will try 50 chicken parmigianas in 50 different eating establishments and then crown a winner on Christmas Eve.

I love pub food, I love chicken parmigianas and…

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