Writer’s block sucks!

I wrote a while ago on this blog that I would, from then forth, be writing about only things that interested me on my own timetable at my own pace. That was after a period of attempting to write every day or multiple times a day.

Of late I have found that I have had the reverse problem: I have tons of things that I want to write about however I am not converting what is in my brain to the page (or in this case the iPad). I have, on more than one occasion lamented that currently, due to work and renovating a unit, I am pretty free time poor.

That excuse though is only part of the story because, despite the plethora of ideas that are floating around my head, I just can not seem to convert same into prose.

I hope this phase passes with due haste because, as I have also commented elsewhere, this blog is one of the best pieces of therapy I have and frankly I am hating not writing as much as I would like at the moment.

Bugger of writer’s block: you are killing my buzz!!!

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