WTF Brad Hodge? How else does one judge a sports person?

Just saw this update on twitter from former Australian cricketer, Brad Hodge:

@bradhodge007: Sports people have such a high level of expectation placed on them. It is completely unfair to judge their efforts and performance.

Yes you did read that right: apparently, according to Hodge, sports people are not supposed to be judged on their efforts and performance.

By the same logic does that mean that when I go to work every day I shouldn’t be judged on my efforts and performance? After all, like a sports person (professional of course) I have a contract of employment and I get paid for my efforts. Surely the same concept applies?

I would like to hire Hodge to come with me to my next performance review and have him explain why the review should not be about my performance!

All jokes aside: I am sure this is just an off hand comment that Hodge made without properly expressing himself. At least I hope that is the story: otherwise, for a professional sports person himself, this statement might just be the least self aware comment from a sports person this year!

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