Kudos Darius, Kudos: Both for seeking help and speaking up

I have read with interest the Sunday Mail (there are words I never ever thought I would say on this blog or any other forum) article today about Darius Boyd and his battle with depression (link here: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/nrl/darius-boyd-reveals-how-he-hit-rock-bottom-his-21-days-in-rehab-and-the-family-demons-he-is-confronting-to-beat-depression/story-fniabnkr-1227025848132 ).  It is a quality article about a long misunderstood rugby league player.

There is one quote that really resonated with me:

“I felt a sense of relief because I just needed to do something. I didn’t want to keep going the way I was going.’’

It is so true that the hardest step to getting diagnosed and treatment for a mental illness is to actually do something about it yourself.  The relief that Boyd speaks of and the realisation that he did not want to keep going the way he was going is something I am sure that many sufferers who have gotten help have felt.  I know I certainly did.

I salute Darius Boyd for having the insight to realise that he needed help, for getting that help and for having the courage to speak out about his condition.

In a week where we have lost the Elvis of our generation in the form of Robin Williams it is important that sufferers realise that they can seek help and they can succeed after diagnosis.  Darius Boyd’s honesty, I hope, will play a small part in that realisation.

Kudos Darius, Kudos!

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