Forensic Friday

As some of you will be aware, from my twitter feed (@shumpty77) I have recently transitioned into a new role working in forensic accounting.  Having previously trained as a lawyer and specialised in litigation as well as risk management and insolvency this move presents a natural fit for my long experience in professional services.

One thing that has struck me since I have been “in the chair” is that almost everyone I talk to, in a non work context, are intrigued by what I do however they do not really understand what working in forensic accounting actually means.

That realization got me thinking about presenting a series of blogs on all things forensic (accounting) and thus Forensic Friday is born.

Every Friday I will be posting a blog about an aspect of forensic accounting from topics as diverse as “how to ask questions?” through the dark arts of computer forensics.  I hope these posts are of interest to anyone who want to know a little bit more about what forensic accounts do.

To get things off to a start: I thought I would answer my nephew’s (Tom aged 10) questions about my job.  No I am not a police officer now and I don’t get a set of handcuffs.  No I do not get to interview witnesses in a “special room” (the old one way glass type room).

I look forward to sharing a bit of my job with you in this forum. Now, in the words of Mick Molloy in the excellent “Crackerjack” … “get that sh*t down to Forensic!”.

Postscript: Just for the avoidance of doubt and get the legal stuff out-of-the-way, these blogs are my own work and are not published with any oversight or approval of my employer.  All thoughts, comments and opinions are solely my own.

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