Time for a change: the lunchbox challenge

I mentioned on twitter yesterday that last week I decided to monitor just how much money I was spending on food during the day at work.

Frankly I found it just ridiculous that I was spending so much money when I could be bring in some food from home. Now I know this, easily, a first world problem and indicative of the fact that I have lived a privilege existence but I have not brought a packed lunch (other than the odd left over meal) from home since I left school.

Rather than reverting to cooking more than necessary for dinner to allow for lunch to become those leftovers, I have decided to go right back to my school days and take a lunch box with me that has in it sandwiches and a couple of small treats.

My outlay for supplies this week, including the lunch box, was $60ish which is less than a third of what I spent last week so financially this makes significant sense. I will be interested to see how I go with getting up in the morning and actually making my lunch and then sticking to eating it.

It is bizarre to me that this, obvious, process is so foreign to me and I am hoping I can stick to it. Bring on the cheese and onion sandwiches and kids sized chip packets: it this works this week I may go all out and add a frozen popper or two to the mix!

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