The Bearded Man: Celebrating the 5 greatest bearded men in history

Yesterday I wrote about being a bearded man: bizarrely that post was the most read post of the last week on this blog.  That being the case I thought some more about what I have termed the “Art of Beardage” and I thought what better way to celebrate said art than to count down the 5 greatest bearded men, as well as focus on other issues for bearded men, this week. 

The 5 bearded men that I have chosen have been chosen by me entirely based on my own opinion and based on the expanse of my own personal knowledge.  I am have no doubt that I have missed some great blokes who have had been bearded.  If you can think of any guys I have missed or that you would include in your own list of great bearded blokes then join the conversation in the comments section or tweet me (@shumpty77).

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