RIP Rik Mayall

I was very saddened to hear for the passing of Rik Mayall overnight.  It goes without saying that Rik Mayall’s comedy and television shows formed a large part of my adolescence and to do this day I can turn on any of the episodes of the Young Ones, Bottom and the stage shows of Bottom and still find myself laughing like a drain.

Dirty, low brow, energetic and full of energy; Mayall’s comedy, both written and performed, amused me as a young man and amuses me now.  His partnership with Ade Edmondson was one of the classic duos and their chemistry let you into what appeared to be, not only, a great professional collaboration but a close friendship.

I will spend tonight reviewing all of my old dvd’s / video’s of Young Ones and Bottom episodes and reminiscing about side-splitting times laughing till my sides hurt watching this bloke act madly and make the low brow hilarious.

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