Multi Bet Lament: missing by one leg

I posted a seven leg multi bet on Friday. Anyone who does sports betting and likes to do so via multi bets will know that they are oft over after the first contest. On those occasions, I simply shrug my shoulders and start thinking about next weeks bet.

This weekend though I have been left to lament missing out on a seven leg multi because of one result and, indeed, the most expected result. This weekend the result needed was Essendon to defeat GWS by greater than 39.5 points which was the result across all of the seven that I had chosen that I thought was going to be the easiest to collect. Unfortunately the Bombers did not get the job done and only won by 15 points.

Now: is this a tragedy? Absolutely NOT! The fact is that the multi bet that I put on every weekend is more about the mental arithmetic that comes from trying chose winners than the weekend than making any money.

All this weekend proves is that often the most expected result is the one that leads you to losing. I am sure there is a lesson in life there isn’t there too? Maybe that is a blog for another time. In the interim: time to start scouring the sports pages again to come up with any multi for next weekend with one eye, maybe, on looking for the least expected result rather than the most expected!

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