A bloggers lament: just not enough time in the day!

I have been fairly silent on this blog of late (save for posting my quote of the day). Normally when this happens I have not been writing because I have nothing to say. This week though I have simply found that I have not had enough time in the day to sit before by keyboard and write.

It is the conundrum of the amateur blogger isn’t it: I love writing and it calms me yet when things get busy I do not have the time to write! This week I have had a hectic week with work, as well as been in pain with a medical problem for which day surgery beckons such that when I have gotten home from the office I have been tired and listless and thus not in the frame of mind to write.

It goes without saying that in the last week there has been much to irritate me and much to provoke comment. From the first budget of the Abbott junta through to Lou Vincent’s betrayal of cricket fans the world there has been much to talk about

Some have said to me that “you have to make time” and that is a fair comment but that sentiment needs to be tempered by a keenness to not do a half assed job, whether one is a rank amateur or not. So I will not say that this week I will make time to write because to say so would probably lead me to write just for the sake of writing and produce dross. Neither of which appeal to me.

Rather, I will say that when inspiration strikes (unless someone out there wants to pay me to write … anyone … please!!!!) I hope I have time to commit that inspiration to prose. Otherwise it might be another week to lament from a blogging perspective!

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