Burning the candle at both ends … The need to take a day off

I am tired, irritated and sense another dark period looming. It is pretty obvious as to why: I have been burning the candle at both ends.

I am not just talking about work here: yes I have been working hard, but when I get home I have still been spending far too much time thinking.

One of my worst traits is that I am a projector. What I mean is: when I have an approaching “moment” in my life, as that “moment” approaches in my mind I project the likely outcome. The problem with this is, of course, I always project the worst outcome which, in turn, leaves me anxious.

By extension: when I am anxious I expend a significant amount of energy worrying about what might be because I have projected the worst possible outcome.

All of this, as I have been going through a significant period of projection, has lead to the realisation in the first sentence of this post: I am tired, I am irritated and next comes the black dog.

I need to give myself a break: it is that simple. By break here I mean a break from thinking about the future and spending time focusing in the now. That is, of course, simple to say and more difficult to do so I am going to try and give myself this break by doing things that make me happy today. Spending time: reading, watching the Simpsons, hitting golf balls and going for a run are all on the agenda. NOT working and trying to not think is also on said agenda.

Here’s hoping tonight I sleep easily and tomorrow I wake up felling fresher and ready to attack the week!

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