Blogging: sometimes life just gets in the way!

I have written before on this blog about the fact that I write because I enjoy writing and I write about no specific topic because the process of writing is as important to me as the topic. Which is not to say that I write about anything other than things that are important to me or interest me.

This last week I have been busy. In fact I have found myself frantic at times with not just work but what could best be described as the usual vicissitudes of life. The biggest loser in such a big week has been my writing on this blog. I just have not had the time to write. Equally, I have to confess I have not felt like writing much and in this context I would just be writing for the sake of writing which is not a smart place to be.

With the weekend upon me and more time to think I have realised in equal parts how much I have missed writing this last week and how happy I am that I did not write something just for the sake of writing. I am not going to say here that I am going to commit to writing everyday: I am busy and to so commit would lead to the path of writing for the sake of it.

What I will say is that this week has made me realise that writing is more than just a hobby; it is an important part of my life that I have to make time for when I have something I want to write and am passionate about. Here’s hoping this coming week is not as busy as the last and I make time to write!

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