Australian in South Africa 2014: Is an S7 game good for cricket?

Australia and South Africa played out a seven over a side fixture in Durban over night with Australia the victor by five wickets in the last over the game.

Obviously I am happy that Australia was victorious.  I never tire of an Australian victory.  I wonder though whether the incessant focus on shortening the game is good for it.

The game has already been shortened into the commoditised form that is T20 cricket.  Allowing a “game” to be constructed over a minimum of 5 overs (which is the current playing condition) can not be good for the fans who have paid good money nor the players. There is an issue of player safety here: I understand that the players and team management of the teams had already agreed to abandon this game but were over ruled by the ICC; playing on a damp field for an hour and a bit can not in the players’ interests.

I am not a fan of the shortened form of the game.  I have been overt about that.  If we are to have this form of the game imposed on us then what actually constitutes a game must be considered.  30 balls for each team can not be a game surely.

Just a thought but if the game can not run for at least 10 overs a piece then it must be abandoned.  Equally, if the players and team management decide it is in the interests of the game that the game be abandoned then that decision must be respected.

T20 cricket is about the fans and getting more of them to the game.  Putting on a short display with players who do not want to play can not be good for them.

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