Shumpty Down … the migraine mongrel bites hard

After writing about every day of Australia’s test tour to South Africa, I missed the last night of play as a migraine rolled in and knocked me out for the night and most of yesterday.

Of the many ailments that I have at times, migraines are the ones that bother me the most. That is mainly because I have no idea when they are going to hit me. I commented to someone yesterday that a migraine is like getting hit by a cyclone without any warning. There is nothing I can do mitigate the effects of it nor stop it. Rest is the only cure.

I would have loved to write a post about the cricket yesterday but I could not really see my screen clearly. Gladly I am feeling better today and am back at work as well as writing. Also I am looking forward to going to the rugby at Lang Park tonight.

Usual service on the blog will return tomorrow.

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