Cricket: The best cricket news you will hear all week

There is some excellent cricket going on around the world at the moment between the Australians touring in South Africa, the Asian Cup kicking off in Bangladesh and the looming final of the U19 Cricket World Cup.

That said, the best cricket news you will read all week will come out of England.  I was heartened to read that Jonathan Trott is set to return to County Cricket this season after his early return from the Ashes Tour due to a stress related illness.

I am, of course, an ardent Australian cricket fan however no cricket story saddened me more in 2013 than when I read about Trott’s struggles and when he left the Ashes tour after the Brisbane Test.  The fact is that any stress related or mental illness is an insidious thing in part because of the cross the sufferer bears for revealing it.  Trott’s courage in recognising he had a problem and needed to leave was as inspiring as the news itself was saddening for that very fact.

I, for one, will be following the progress of Trott’s return very closely and I hope to see him, as a member of the broader cricket community, back in English colours sooner rather than later, albeit when he is ready.

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