Australia in South Africa 2014: South Africa responds to David Warner and get it 100% right!

I wrote yesterday about David Warner’s comments alleging, effectively, that South Africa’s players had tampered with the ball during the Second Test match at St George’s (link available here: Australia in South Africa 2014: It is time to say it … “Please David, stop talking!” « Shumpty Speaks

Today the South African team manager, Mohammed Moosagee, replied as follows:

”David Warner’s remarks are disappointing and discouraging. It takes the gloss off a great Proteas team performance,’’ Moosagee told South African newspaper DFA.

“It smacks of sour grapes and it could just be a tactical plan to get us involved in matters that will distract our attention from this crucial Test in Cape Town.

“Hardly anyone takes anything David Warner says serious.’’

South Africa’s manager is absolutely spot on.  I repeat the sentiment of what I wrote yesterday: it is time for David Warner to remain moot on topics like this both for the betterment of his standing in the game and for Australian cricket in general.

I hope the ICC looks at the comments of Warner and takes the appropriate action.  It is the only way he will ever learn.

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