Cricket: An Open Letter to Shaun Marsh fans

Dear Shaun Marsh Fans,

What else can I say but I got it wrong. I am variously on the record as decrying the originally selection of Marsh in the squad for the South African tour, being dismayed at the resurrection of Marsh’a tour, suggesting that he was batting at number 4 because of some “goat” photos and noting that I would rather clean old paint brushes than watch him bat.

I repeat though: I got it wrong and Shaun Marsh delivered up 122 reasons as why I was. I only watched until Marsh hit into the 90s and then promptly fell asleep on my lounge but until that point Marsh constructed an innings that reminded me of his hundred on debut. Assured and confident whilst eschewing the “big shots”, this was an innings that Australian fans have been looking for from the “new blood” in the top 4.

I remain a staunch critic of not selecting players based on solid first class form. That was my principal objection to Marsh’s selection. Begrudgingly though I also have to concede that Inverarity and his merry band of consorts pulled the right reign with Shaun Marsh in this test match.

I am now looking forward to tonight’s play at Centurion to see just how far Marsh can push on in this innings.

Yours humbly and apologetically,


PS: it has been pointed out to me that I am oft negative about players I “don’t like” but positive about those that I “like”. I reject the premise outright: it has nothing to do with “liking” a player. How can I like or dislike someone that I do not know? The nature of debate is that there will always be a proponent and an opponent and whilst I may fall on the opponent side often my argument is only about an issue which vexes me: nothing more nor less.

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  1. It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong. Well done Stephen! I may even admit that Australia won’t get quite the stuffing I was expecting in South Africa, but I’m reserving judgement for now, preferring to cry into my beer at the state of English cricket.

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