Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular: a great show even for a non fan

I was privileged to attend the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular last night at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with my nephew. I am not a Dr Who fan: indeed I can not recall ever having watch more than a couple of episodes of the show. It would be far to say that I was attending the show solely because my nephew asked me to. To say I had a great time and enjoyed the show would be an understatement.

The show was what it says in the title: a symphony celebrating the music of Dr Who. The music was matched to clips from the show on big screens positioned behind the orchestra. The music was in equal parts haunting and uplifting and sucked me in right from the first sequence. Peter Davidson, the 5th Dr Who, was the host for the night and was fantastic.

Even if you are not a Dr Who fan you will enjoy this show: simply put, you don’t need knowledge of the show to get into the music.

A word of warning though: if you are heading to the show expecting to say a play / musical backed by a symphony orchestra then you will be disappointed. Yes there are cyber men and darleks in costume but they are only props used to assist focus on each music sequence.

I am pretty sure that the shows are sold out in Australia: that being the case you should find a copy of the 50th anniversary musical show (from whiched this show was based) from the summer proms. You will love it.

Simply put: this is a great show. The Queensland Symphony Orchestra was brilliant as was Peter Davidson.

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