Bugger me … February already? Where did January go?

The sentiment in the title to this post is one that I have heard at least 3 times today and have seen on twitter possibly a dozen time more.  I too have found myself incredulous that already we are into the second month of the year.  I am not sure our lives get progressively busier as we get older but it sure feels like it on days like to today when I have sat back to reflect on the month that was January and feel like I have done not very much but that the time has flown.

It struck me though when I thought about it more that perhaps I was being a little too harsh on myself, given that it has actually been a packed month when I look at my diary, and the actual problem is one of failing to reflect on, for want of a better term, things when they actually happen.

Life rushes past so quickly that it is easy for the days to, it would seem, roll together into one large collage of success and failure that just continues to roll on without reflecting on the good and the bad of each day and looking for ways to improve.

In an effort to slow things down and learn more from both the successes of each day as well as the failures I have decided to spend some time each day reviewing what I have done during the day and reflecting on how I could have improved.  Hopefully that will make the time seem to run less quickley and I will learn and improve as the month goes on.

Hopefully next month I am not sitting here feeling like I have done nothing of import and rather feeling positive about the new learnings to come from the month just gone.

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