Shumpty’s Punt: NFL Championship Week

The NFL season is nearing its end and this week presents two excellent games in the battle for the NFC and AFC championships. I have been following the season closely and, despite the New York Jets not make the finals, have been very impressed with the games so far in finals month.

In the AFC the Manning led Denver Broncos host the Belichick coached New England Patriots. In the NFC last year’s a Super Bowl losing San Francisco 49ers travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks and their metaphorical 12th man.

Here are my tips for each game (commencing Monday morning Australia time):

AFC: New England Patriots to cover the line (+5.0 points) against the Denver Broncos

NFC: Seattle Seahawks to cover the line (-3.5 points) against the San Francisco 49ers

Both games will be willing encounters which, particularly the game in Seattle, could well be low scoring and dominated by defence which, for me, gets the Patriots and the Seahawks over the line.

Put both of those tips together in a multi and it will pay just short of $4. Can’t wait for the first game to start!

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