Apologies for the neglect! Normal service to resume soon

Regular readers of this blog will have noticed the lack of posts this week. Thank you to those of you who reached out and asked what was going on.

It is simple really: for a multitude of reasons that do not need to be recounted here I have been left feeling a little flat this week. I have always said that when I am feeling that way I loose my writing mojo and so it has been this week.

I started this first week back from holidays (and no the flatness of the week has not been related to a post holiday malaise) focused on acting with a positive intent at work and that focus has worked with the year already off to a metaphorical flyer. With all that positivity directed at work though I have neglected to have a similar positive intent when it comes to the other aspects of my life including this blog.

Finding the balance “sweet spot” where every aspect of life is being dealt with positive intent is one of life’s great challenges that after this week I know I must working harder on!

And on that note: bring on the weekend!

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