The Ashes: is today the day we get back the urn?

I tweeted this morning that I was a little trepidatious about today’s play at the WACA ground. My worries are linked principally to the fact that 250 runs in 90 overs is not a massive ask. Many have lambasted my view and seem convinced that an Australian win today will arise simply if Australia shows up.

I remain worried about today’s play for a number of reasons:

1. I hate complacency and am bothered by the perception that this is going to be an easy day of cricket.

2. Matt Prior is a quality batsman and only 7 months ago batted 4 and a half hours to save a test against New Zealand in trying conditions. Form is temporary but class is permanent so sooner or later he is going to come good.

3. The bouncer / verbal approach of the Australians that has worked so far is becoming less and less of a shock for the Englishmen as evidence by Johnson’s reducing returns in this game. Reliance on it again today will mean less balls for the Poms to play which is to their advantage rather than ours.

Don’t get me wrong: I am desperate for an Australian win and think it is a short price favourite. Declaring it as a certainty as the broadcaster and most of the press have done is a dangerous exercise though.

Play begins in 15 mins: as I said this morning … I will not be comfortable until the Prior / Stokes partnership is broken.

Bring on day 5!

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