Shumpty’s Punt: Saturday Sports

Multi’s have not been my friend of late. More particularly betting on the line has cost me some money. So for today’s multi I am just going to go straight out on a six leg multi today to get back on track. Hockey and basketball are again the focus of attention.

Leg 1: Philadelphia 76ers to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.

Leg 2: Indiana Pacers to defeat the Boston Celtics in the NBA.

Leg 3: Calgary Flames to defeat the Florida Panthers in the NHL.

Leg 4: Vancouver Canucks to defeat the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL.

Leg 5: Anaheim Ducks to defeat the Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL.

Leg 6: Portland Trailblazers to defeat the Chicago Bulls in the NBA.

This multi will pay circa $12.50. As always: good luck and good punting.

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