Shumpty’s Punt: Friday Fancy

It is another day and another opportunity to have a crack at an American sports multi.  Here is the multi I fancy today:

Leg 1: Miami Heat to defeat the LA Clippers in the NBA

Leg 2: Boston Bruins to defeat the Florida Panters in the NHL

Leg 3: Baylor to cover the line (-16.5 points) against Oklahoma in NCAA Football

Leg 4: Washington Capitols to defeat the Minnesota Wild in the NHL

Leg 5: Detriot Red Wings to defeat the Dallas Star in the NHL

Leg 6: Washington Redskins to cover the line (-1.0 points) against the Minnesota Vikings in the NFL

Leg 7: Denver Nuggets to defeat the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA

All up this multi will pay just a touch over $36 for every dollar invested.  As always: please gamble responsibly.

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